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We make learning fun and culturally relevant for pre-tertiary and remedial learners

Our highly interactive and culturally relevant lessons make learning fun for all kindergarten to Basic 12 learners. They can learn & revise, answer assessments, take exams, spell new words daily

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We make learning fun and culturally relevant for pre-tertiary and remedial learners

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Learn & Revise

With video and text-based lessons for KG to Basic 12 , we definitely have something for every learner

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Practice Exams

Can you attempt answering over 10,000 certified past questions before your final exam? We dare you to try.

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Learn to Spell

Build up your vocabulary by learning to spell as well as enhancing your ability to commit things to memory.

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Keeping KG and lower primary children occupied can be quite challenging, especially for parents.

Just sign up and enroll your children on our platform. We have enough to keep them busy from daybreak till you say it's bedtime .

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Do you want to be better at Math? We have over 10,000 past questions to help you do just that.

Answer past questions and instantly know your score. We even tell you which topics to focus on based on your performance. But, it is not just Mathematics. We have you covered for all core and elective subjects.

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Have you learnt any new words this week? Now you can learn new words daily in a fun way

Our dictation helps learners to enrich their vocabulary with new words daily, while at the same time developing their retention ability.

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Teachers, sharing notes in WhatsApp groups is tiring. Let's help you bring your classroom online.

What if you could create assignments from our certified lessons and have your students answer them with just one click of a button. We will automatically mark and grade students based on your marking scheme. You're welcome.

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