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About Us

About Us

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In an attempt to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic most governments around the world have temporarily closed educational institutions. These nationwide closures are impacting almost 70% of the world’s student population. Currently the student population of Ghana for final year students in Senior High Schools stand at 1.2 million. What this means is that on the average, we have over 12.0 million student populations from primary 1 through to Senior High schools currently staying at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Several other countries including Ghana have implemented localized closures impacting millions of additional learners. The questions worth asking are twofold: How do we make learning and assessment continue for the student population in West Africa in General and Ghana in particular. How do we ensure that the illiterate youth in general take advantage of the pandemic to learn to read and write? These and other questions constitute the idea that generates, a covid-19 education response for Ghanaians and for that matter West African Students. is a web-based application designed to assist learners and teachers in pre-tertiary schools i.e kindergarten, primary, Junior and Senior High learners with learning, revision, homework and examination questions, and teaching resources during and after the pandemic.

The product sets itself apart from all known virtual school initiatives currently in the country as it gives learners and teachers the opportunity to access anytime anywhere improved learning and teaching resources in the form of video lessons, notes, examination questions, Teaching and Learning Aids etc.

With parents can make learning at home easy and fun experience with their children as the system comes with features that learners and the youth the opportunity to:

  • Access tools they require to carefully plan learning for themselves;
  • Effectively follow facilitator-led Video enriched lessons;
  • Revise lessons with culturally relevant and new curriculum-based resources;
  • Attempt and Solve BECE/WASSCE past questions with instant feedback;
  • Take part in virtual Mock examination with students across West Africa and beyond;
  • Access and read notes and books designed for all levels;
  • Connect with their school teachers for assignments while at home;
  • Share their academic progress with their peers and parents;
  • Collaborate and share best learning practices with other students across the globe;
  • Access resources for practicing reading and writing;
  • Access career-based and 21st century skills resources to make career choices and get competitive with their peers elsewhere;
  • Access a carefully designed virtual library tools they require to responsibly go about their personal studies and research interest;