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Sharing notes on WhatsApp is tiring. Bring your classroom online. It's very easy and absolutely freeeeee!!

Easily upload lesson notes and create exam-type questions for your students to try out. This is easier than sharing everything in WhatsApp groups.

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Sharing lesson notes on WhatsApp is tiring. Bring your classroom online. It's easy and absolutely free!!

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Easier and better than sharing lesson notes in WhatsApp or Telegram groups

Don't stress yourself. Create an account and bring your classroom online by making notes on our lessons and inviting your students to join your classroom. You can also create several multiple choice or essay type questions on each lesson. OH-- it's absolutely FREE!

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Earn extra income just by being who you are professionally ... a teacher!

There are students who need an extra push understanding concepts in various topics. There are other students in schools that have no teachers. Answer questions from our student community and get paid for helping out. This is subject to vetting and approval.

Create and manage classrooms that can be joined by students from any school around the world

This is the whole point of you bringing your classroom online. This is your space. You control everything that happens academically. Post lessons and set questions and simply share your classroom code with your students. Students on the platform can discover and request permission to join your class.